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Installation and first use

DLT-Logs is a Visual Studio Code(tm) extension available at the marketplace: Version.


At first you do need to have Visual Studio Code installed. It's available for free from here: . It works well under Windows, macOS and Linux.

Then you can install DLT-Logs like any other extension for Visual Studio Code, e.g. via command "Extensions: Install Extensions" and then enter DLT-Logs and click "Install".

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First use

After installation you can open DLT files via

Use F1 or Ctrl+Shift+P and enter/select command "Open DLT file...".
and select the DLT file to open from the opened file selection dialog.

Opening multiple files


You can open multiple DLT files one after the other and they will appear in different views.

If you want to open multiple DLT files into the same view you can simply select multiple files in the "Open DLT file..." dialog. They will be sorted by the first valid DLT message recorded time and then opened.